Monday, 06 July 2020 04:44

Austria Issued Crypto Stamps

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Austria Issued Crypto Stamps Austria Issued Crypto Stamps

Austria has released its second set of Crypto stamps on 25th June 2020.First set of crypto stamps was released on 11th June 2019.

Each stamp shows the head of an animal: a honey badger on a red background, llama on a green background, panda on a brown background, and dog on a blue background.

The Crypto stamp 2.0 can be used not only as an ordinary postage stamp for sending items in the post, but functions simultaneously as a virtual collectible. The digital pendant is stored in the Blockchain, a special type of decentralised data storage.

There it is kept in a digital Wallet over which the stamp’s owner holds the exclusive rights.Austrian Post describes the stamps as being in a credit card format, measuring 86 millimeters by 50mm.The “700” to the right of each animal represents the denomination of €7 (700 euro cents).

The country name “osterreich” is below each animal.

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