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Jersey: 1980’s Popular Culture Stamp Issue

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Jersey: 1980’s Popular Culture Stamp Issue Jersey: 1980’s Popular Culture Stamp Issue

Six stamps explore aspects of 1980s popular culture including: Language, Music, Fashion, Event, Food & Drink, and Leisure. A miniature sheet playfully reimagines Jersey’s main shopping area, as it would have been in the 1980s, reflecting the vibrancy, fashion and colour synonymous with the decade. The shop fronts are a representation of the types of shops that would have existed on King Street and Queen Street at the time.

Jersey during the 1980s was known for a dynamic nightlife, vibrant dining culture and beautiful sandy beaches. As well as this, shops still offered duty free items such as perfume and tobacco, meaning that people could enjoy a relatively inexpensive holiday once on Island. Jersey’s post-war economy was thriving during the decade and so leisure and entertainment pursuits saw a growth on the High Street.

Issue Date:06.10.2020 Designer:Hat-Trick Design (London) Ltd Printer:Cartor Security Printing, France. Process:Offset Lithography with Special Litho Silver Metallic Ink. Colours:4 Colours Size:36mm x 36mm