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New Stamps Released from Hungary

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New Stamps Released from Hungary New Stamps Released from Hungary

The four stamps released on the subject of Our Natural Assets in 2020 feature the dor beetle, the purple coneflower, the Tatar maple and the zander. Each stamps shows a particular natural asset, the graphic composition places these different elements in a single space.

Issue Date:05.08.2020 Designer:Tibor Z. Petényi Printer:ANY Biztonsági Nyomda Nyrt. Process:Offset Colours:4-colour Size:40 x 30 mm

Hungarian Rock Classics I Omega – Pearls In Her Hair

Omega, the Kossuth- and Liszt Ferenc Prize-winning rock band, was formed in 1962. Over the years they have attracted a broad following both in Hungary and abroad. The works the band have created over their career have countless musical dimensions and their songs have become classics. Their best known numbers have proved to be evergreens and appeal to every generation. Omega is an iconic band in Hungarian rock and pop music. The band have adapted to changing times and always exploited the possibilities of the latest technology.

Issue Date:05.08.2020 Designer:Attila André Elekes Illustrator:Szilvia Pállay-Kovács Printer:ANY Biztonsági Nyomda Nyrt. Process:Offset Colours:4-colour Size:76 x 50 mm

Saints And Blesseds VIII

The two famous female saints of the House of Árpád – Elizabeth, who provided charitable social care, and Margaret, who was faithful to her vow as a Dominican nun throughout her life – set strong and attractive examples of saintliness which many wished to emulate themselves. Their holy way of life was followed by many of their relatives.

Elizabeth of Hungary • She was the daughter of Stephen V and Elizabeth the Cuman, and the niece of Saint Margaret. On being widowed, Elizabeth lived in the convent of Saint Peter in Naples. In recluse, she strove for humility, following the example of her aunt.Elizabeth of Töss • She was the daughter of the last Árpádian king, Andrew III, and his Polish wife, Fenenna of Kuyavia. Both Saint Elizabeth and Saint Margaret were among her aunts. After her father’s death, she became a nun of her own volition.

Saint Elizabeth of Portugal • She was the daughter of Peter III of Aragon and the great granddaughter of Andrew II of Hungary. Elizabeth was named after her aunt who became a saint. She managed to make her husband, who had led a libertine life, repent his sins before he died. As a widow, she distributed her wealth before joining the Third Order of Saint Francis.

The Hungarian Saints and Blesseds VIII stamp set includes the standard, special and monochrome editions of the special souvenir sheet. The last of these may only be purchased in this compilation.

Issue Date:05.08.2020 Designer:Imre Benedek Printer:Pénzjegynyomda (souvenir sheets, black print, FDC); Pátria Nyomda Zrt. (set) Process:Offset; the special edition is made unusual by embossing. Size:104 x 78 mm