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Sunday, 10 May 2020 04:12

Garden birds in the Netherlands

On May 20, PostNL released a new stamp sheet: Garden birds in the Netherlands. Illustrations of 6 different garden birds adorn this sheet. Michelle Dujardin provided the illustrations, art director Yvonne Warmerdam took care of the stamp design.

Second issue with (garden) birds

The garden birds in the Netherlands stamp sheet is a follow-up to the issue issued by PostNL on 23 April for PostEurop, Birds in the Netherlands. There were only 2 birds in the center of Birds in the Netherlands, the garden birds stamp in the Netherlands shows 6 garden birds: blue tit, winter king, robin, house sparrow, golden cock and great tit.

Every bird has a soul

The illustrations of the birds are placed on the stamps on the stamp sheetlet garden birds in the Netherlands. 5 of the garden birds sit on a twig, only the house sparrow sits on the ground. The illustrations by Michelle Dujardin have her characteristic minimalist style: realistic, with a slightly abstract-impressionistic touch. Michelle: “I chose 6 common garden birds. They are birds of which everyone at least knows the name. Last summer I saw a golden rooster in the garden. Striking, because normally you do not often encounter them in the west. I have a soft spot for the shape of this type of bird, which also includes the wren. Real balls that actually still look like the egg they hatched from. I have depicted them on the stamps as I prefer to see them. As if every bird lives, has a soul and could fly up like that. ”

Own bird version

For both bird drawings, Michelle used photos to make a good impression of the feathers, the colors and the shape. “But I always take the freedom to draw my own version of the birds. With a build-up of colors that you do not always see at first glance, ”says Michelle.

Source: stampprograms.com

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Friday, 17 August 2018 00:00

Birds on stamps

Birds on Stamps' is a popular subject for thematic collecting. Looking at birds shown on stamps issued during the 19th century. Their total number is only a tiny fraction, and the range of different species is very small.

The world's first two bird stamps appeared in Switzerland, in the 1840s, for Geneva and Basel. Geneva's first issue, consisted of joined pairs of 5 centimes values. Inside the arms of Geneva is an impression of an eagle.

The Basel 'town post' stamps show a dove. Many collectors see this as the first true bird stamp.

At least one more bird stamp was released during the 1840s. This rarity is among the 'Postmasters' provisional issues', and was for use in Annapolis, Maryland.

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