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While many of us have been confined at home, many “Everyday Heroes” have been working hard, helping us make it through. Thank you to the doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals who’ve been tending to the ill and providing comfort to the dying. To the grocery store workers who have helped sustain us in this incredible time. To the utility workers who have kept our power on, our internet working and our municipal services operating while sheltered at home. To the law enforcement officers and first responders who’ve helped keep us safe in times of crisis. To them and others who’ve been out while the rest of us have been in, we want to say, “Thank you.”

Following the tragic events of 9/11, Congress created the Heroes of 2001 semipostal stamp. The stamp honored the brave men and women who rushed into danger following the 2001 terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C. It’s my hope we can see fit to honor our everyday heroes similarly.

Experienced collectors know that one of the best ways to manage the challenges of life is by working on your collection. During the Great Depression and World War II, the White House released photos of APS member and President Franklin D. Roosevelt working on his collection to help him manage our nation’s challenges. Until there is a U.S. stamp for the heroes of this pandemic, we want to show our thanks with the gift of stamp collecting. That’s why we’re introducing “Stamp for Champs.” This idea was inspired by APS Vice President, Jeff Shapiro, who wanted to give back to those who have given so much. It’s a great idea and we hope you’ll agree.

Until September 30, 2020, we’re offering a free one-year digital membership to the APS for our Everyday Heroes.

We’re asking for you to help. All you have to do is navigate to our website (https://aps.buzz/Stamps4Champs), share the story of this hero with us and provide their contact address and information so we can enroll them as digital members.

Many folks are showing kindness these days. We want to reach those who are out there every day while we are safe at home. APS members will be limited to one nomination; please share your nominations by September 30, 2020. We’re going to be share their stories with you and hope you’ll join us in thanking them and encouraging them to stay with us for years to come.

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Due to my absence on domestic duties most people will have seen at least some of the next issue to come from Royal Mail in my absence. Nonetheless it is important that I catch up!

Royal Mail justifies this stamp issue thus (edited):

Celebrating the nation’s favourite soap, Tony Warren’s hit show was first broadcast through the public’s TV sets in December 1960. 60 years later, the show is an integral part of British culture and celebrates its success with multi award-winning storylines, showstopping drama, just a little bit of comedy, and ground-breaking and much-loved characters. A show to welcome many firsts, it is loved by both young and old generations alike today with 6 episodes each week still watched by millions of viewers.

As my fellow-blogger WhiteKnight writes on

Coronation Street has established itself over the decades as a notable part of British culture and a philatelic commemoration of the programme is probably long overdue [It missed out on the ITV anniversary issue in 2005]. This is an excellent set and if any 2020 Royal Mail stamp issue is going to capture the attention of the British public (apart perhaps from a COVID-19 frontline workers issue) this is the one.

The stamp set and miniature sheet

The set consists of four se-tenant pairs of 2nd class, 1st class, £1.42 and £1.63 values. Each depicts two characters from the programme from the very first in monochrome, up to recent times. The miniature sheet consists of four stamps, two each of 1st class and £1.42 values all depicting barmaids at The Street's pub, the Rovers Return.

All pictures shown are as provided by Royal Mail before the stamps are received.

Technical Details

The stamps and miniature sheet were both designed by The Chase, and printed by International Security Printers in lithography with PVA gum.
The stamps are 41mm (w) x 30mm (h), Landscape, and the miniature sheet hass 27mm (w) x 36mm (h) stamps, Portrait in a Sheet Sized 146mm x 74mm.
Acknowledgements: CORONATION ST ® and © ITV Studios Limited 2020. Licensed by ITV
Broadcasting Limited. All rights reserved.

Other Products

First Day Covers, Stamp Cards, Presentation Pack, Press Sheet, various framed products and enlarged and/or signed prints.

For those who think marking a 60th anniversary is maybe a step too far, Australia Post's latest series of special 'MyStamps' includes a set marking the 35th Anniversary of Channel 10 soap, Neighbours. If you think Royal Mail are excessive, on the same day OzPost is also selling similar over-face sets for Bugs Bunny, Cinderella, Princess, How to Train Your Dragon, DC-Comics' The Justice League, The Empire Strikes Back, and football and rugby clubs!

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