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The 2020 Challenge Continues: Win a FREE APS Life Membership!

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The 2020 Challenge Continues: Win a FREE APS Life Membership! The 2020 Challenge Continues: Win a FREE APS Life Membership!

The 2020 Challenge continues!

The American Philatelic Society’s goal for 2020 is to sign up at least 2,020 first time members – and we need your help to achieve and exceed our goal!

For every new member recommended by an APS member, your name will be entered into a drawing to win a free life membership.*

APS member-Dealers and chapters are also encouraged to recommend new members. For every successful new recruitment, the dealer or chapter name will be entered into a separate Dealer/Chapter drawing for a free life membership.*

All new members recruited in 2020 will be entered into a third drawing and be eligible for the third free life membership!*
*Restrictions apply. See Contest Rules below.

Let's continue to build membership in APS

The hobby of stamp collecting has gained strength through 2020, one of the very few bright spots in a year marked by the tragedy of COVID-19.

When forced to shelter in place, people looked for something to do. Stamp collecting provided a much needed respite from the chaos.

The American Philatelic Society, along with the American Philatelic Research Library responded with a deluge of new content, including:

Stamp Chats
C3a online education
Free online access to The American Philatelist
Opening the APRL Digital Collections to all
Sponsoring the Virtual Stamp Show
As a result, stamp collecting and the American Philatelic Society have received great recognition in 2020 from worldwide media:

"A Hobby that Sticks" featured by Newsday
"How to collect stamps" in the New York Times
"Post modern: why millennials have fallen in love with stamp collecting" by The Guardian
The dedicated staff of the APS wants to continue these member services in the future. One way to ensure their continuation, is to build our membership base.

Contest Rules:

1. New member applications received from January 1 to December 31, 2020, will be valid for entry.

2. New member applications must be accepted – rejected member applications will not be considered a “successful recommendation.”

3. The following types of memberships will be eligible for entry: Regular, Associate, Junior, Chapter, and the Young Professionals $25 under 30 membership.

4. Only a member in good standing will be eligible to win the free life membership.

5. Chapters are eligible to participate. If a chapter wins the drawing, they may designate one member of the chapter to receive the free life membership.

6. APS employees and APS and APRL Board of Trustee members are not eligible to win a free life membership.

7. New recipients of gift subscriptions are eligible for entry only if they sign up as members within the time limit of the contest.

8. Reinstated memberships will not be eligible for entry.

9. Current APS Life Members are eligible to participate and win the drawing. If a Life Member is chosen as a drawing winner, they will instead receive a $750 credit to spend with the APS.