Disney Stamps Are Happy

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Disney stamps are wonderful with many of Disney's characters represented. The founder and creator, Walt Disney, is represented in some stamps, as well. Disney stamps are interesting for stamp collectors and Disney fans alike.

Disney stamps are a favorite of topical stamp collectors and with people who would not normally collect stamps. It is probably because they depict many of Disney's marvelous creations from their animated movies. Fortunately for collectors, Disney stamps are not rare. However, for those that want a complete set, many countries have issued stamps. This means there are thousands of stamps to complete.

In this post I am going to briefly write about two of my favorites. There are many to choose from.

Walt Disney Stamps

In 1968, the US honored the man whose imagination, vision, and determination started it all - Walt Disney. The stamp shows Walt Disney surrounded by children from many nations in their national costume holding hands, singing, and dancing coming from a castle. The issue price was 6 cents. The value from investigations of the stamp today is around 20 cents, dependent on condition. Other countries have celebrated Walt Disney by honoring them on a stamp, such as Portugal, Dominica, Gambia, and Mozambique.

Over 1,000 Disney Stamps with Mickey

Mickey Mouse, with whom the Disney animated magic began has been depicted on over 1,000 stamps. In 2004, the US issued a 37-cent stamp with Mickey, Goofy, and Donald as part of the 4-stamp issue The Art of Disney: Friendship. It repays the compliment as Mickey Mouse starred in an animated short called the Mail Pilot 61 years earlier.

source: stamp-collector.biz