Queen Victoria Stamps

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Queen Victoria stamps have been issued by many countries throughout the world. Queen Victoria stamps values vary depending on year, the number issued, the grade, and condition. Still, it is advisable to get the best prices for your stamp collecting money, and I have found eBay is a great place to get good deals on Queen Victoria stamps. But, why use eBay? It has a wide selection of Queen Victoria stamps and many different sellers for you to choose from. EBay is a large and trusted website, so you can buy with confidence because of this. EBay has approved this website to aid you in finding what you're searching for.

Queen Victoria Stamps Overview

Queen Victoria featured stamps are generally recognized as the first official postage stamp issued. They were issued in 1840 in Britain and were called the penny black stamp. This stamp was issued in large numbers so it can be picked up for not too expensive depending on the grade and condition. Being the reigning monarch of the British Empire when the first stamps around the world were being issued means there were a wide variety of different Queen Victoria stamps.

Queen Victoria Stamps Around The Commonwealth

Here are two examples of Queen Victoria stamps.

The image of the Queen Victoria stamp above was issued by Australia in 1960 to commemorate 100 years since the first stamp was issued by Queensland, Australia in 1 November1860 and shows an image of that first stamp. The stamp was designed by Frank D. Manley. The stamp has a face value of five pence (5d). Australia now uses dollars and cents for its currency.

Also, Australia has a state called Victoria, named after Queen Victoria, and they issued their first stamps in 1850. It was not until 1901 that control of the post offices passed to the Australian Government, and stamps issued by each of the states became valid for use in the other states.

In January 2011, a block of four Hong Kong Queen Victoria stamps sold for approximately $821,000 USD. The stamps were from 1865, and the face value was Hong Kong 96 cents. These stamps were printed in olive, and this is the reason for the value and the interest in stamps from mainland China after years of pent up demand due to political reasons preventing them from being able to trade freely in stamps. The video below is a record of the event. An anonymous buyer bought the Queen Victoria stamps.

Queen Victoria Stamps Values

These are only two examples of the stamps featuring the image of Queen Victoria. As the head of state of many countries and the length of her reign, this has meant there are huge amounts of different Queen Victoria stamps available. Fortunately, many Queen Victoria stamps prices are in reach of most stamp collectors with only a few reaching the prices in the video below.