Paul McCartney - suprise stamp designer

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Paul McCartney - suprise stamp designer Photo: cnn

In July 2002 the tiny island in the Irish Sea – the Isle of Man – sprang a philatelic surprise with a set of stamps designed by the musician Sir Paul McCartney. Philatelic bureau officials on the island had discovered that the former Beatle had spent some time on the island as a boy, and promptly wrote to him to suggest the possibility of a stamp design. To their delight McCartney agreed.

McCartney spent some time studying stamp designs from around the world and, in the end, plumped for a simple design as he felt that other issues he’d seen had more impact when they were kept simple. The result was six floral style designs which are entitled ‘Happy Memories of the Isle of Man’.

Isle of Man Stamp Bureau Manager Dot Tilbury explained: ‘When we received Paul’s designs they so cheered up the whole department that we christened them “Happy Stamps” – a theme Paul loves as it reflected his inspiration from fond memories he had of the island from a childhood visit’.

Proceeds from the sale of the issue have been donated to the Adopt A Minefield UK anti-landmine charity which is fronted by McCartney and his second wife Heather Mills-McCartney. McCartney commented: ‘I’m very pleased that the Adopt A Minefield campaign has benefited from this issue which I was honoured to create from happy memories of an old stamping ground’.