Clyde Jennings

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Clyde Jennings cut his philatelic teeth at the knees of his mother back in the 1920s and by the start of the next decade he was winning awards as a junior philatelic exhibitor at shows in his hometown of Lynchburg, Virginia. This legendary philatelist---whose 80th birthday was celebrated by over 250 of his closest friends at a huge "roast" in Sarasota, Florida---is one of our hobby's most honored. But it is in the field of off-the-cuff humor where Jennings truly shines... for he is certainly philately's most flamboyant character!

Flamboyant? Here is a man who has a closet containing more than 100 colorful sport coats in colors that virtually defy the rainbow. And he's quick to point out that, no matter what color sport coat he may be wearing, he is also simultaneously using the same color of underwear!

Clyde has been knocking us dead for most of the past half century. And he's beloved for a brand of humor that makes him perhaps the most sought after speaker at any philatelic affair. Receiving a letter from him is as much fun as reading the Sunday funnies...and enjoying an evening with him at dinner during a stamp show is more fun than listening to old Jack Benny radio programs. Philately is the greatest jor of his life...and he firmly believes that, without humor, the hobby ain't no fun at all.

But there's a serious side to Clyde, as well...for he has risen to be given the hobby's highest honors---richly deserved because Mr. Jennings is a true expert philatelist. His knowledge of early United States stamps is virtually without peer...and his experience as a championship philatelic exhibitor and respected judge is also almost without match. In 1989, he received the coveted John N. Luff Award from the American Philatelic Society, our pastime's highest honor. And in earlier years he served as president of the venerable Society of Philatelic Americans.

Today, Clyde continues to travel to many major stamp shows, usually accompanied by his loving companion, Frances, and a participant in philatelic activities that would leave a man half his age gasping for breath.

Clyde's great philatelic love is his support of Arizona's Postal History Foundation, an organization that devotes all of its time introducing stamp collecting to kids. In honor of his late wife, Clyde set up the Fran Jenning Memorial Fund, which among other things, helps finance the National Youth Exhibiting Championships.

No one on earth is a more devoted fan of stamp collecting.

Source: Coney Stamps