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The father of Don Camillo and Peppone

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50 years after his death, Poste Italiane recalls the figure of Giovannino Guareschi. Italian writer, journalist and humorist, the most famous work is Don Camillo, later also a famous film, tells the story of the parish priest and Mayor Peppone set in Emilia.

The stamp, with a face value of € 2.60, depicts a portrait of Giovannino Guareschi flanked by his autograph signature in evidence on an original page, typewritten by the same writer, of an unpublished story by Don Camillo and Peppone.

On sale at the branch counters from Saturday, July 21st, the maximum print run is equal to 1 million copies collected in sheets of 28 pieces each. Belonging to the thematic series "the Italian artistic and cultural heritage", a commentary on the issue is made of the illustrative bulletin with article signed by Giovanni Lugaresi, journalist and honorary president of the "Club dei Ventitré".