Fairy Tales on stamps

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Fairy Tales on stamps avalonreid.wordpress.com

Over the last 20 some years many of the world’s favourite stories have been illustrated and recognised by various countries on their postage stamps including many from Great Britain. Most of all these have appeared on issues of Walt Disney Postage Stamps, which today covers 37 different countries across the world.

The earliest set to be issued was San Marino which had 10 values, nine of which portrayed Mickey and friends and 220 lire value showed Mogli from Jungle Book with Mr. Walt Disney himself. The first truly dedicated issue was in 1980 when the Maldives released the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ set of nine values and a souvenir sheet of the ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’. This was updated in 1987 by Grenada, with a sheet on nine values showing clips from the animated film and a souvenir sheet with Alice in a tree.

Aladdin is one of the most popular stories and evokes the magic of the mystical east – it was magnificently portrayed in the 1994 issue of Guyana. The set of 26 stamps in two sheets of nine and one of eight each show an individual still from the animated film, from Aladdin finding the lamp $7.65 to $65 face value Aladdin & Jasmine in Love with fireworks in the background. The four souvenir sheets show highlight clip and encapsulate the ‘star on the stamps’.